A Fairer Norwich – For all of Norwich’s residents

Norwich Labour wants a fairer, more equal city. Our vision is one where the wealth and opportunities of Norwich’s economy are shared more widely, where everyone can rely on help when they’re struggling, where basic services are prioritised and where we care for everyone. Everyone within the community should be able have their voice heard, including those with the quietest voices or the smallest pockets.

A Labour City Council will:

  1. Ensure Council policies and delivery of services have an improved focus on the needs of people who experience inequality, including for people who are isolated, or experience significant mental health issues. Strengthen our partnership relationship with the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust.


  1. Work to increase gender equality in Norwich, working with women’s and LGBTQ+ groups in the city, and promoting equality within the Council. Strive to make more places in the city safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people.


  1. Continue to prioritise the prevention of domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, and tackle victim-blaming myths, working with partner organisations, in line with Norwich’s status as a ‘White Ribbon’ city, to ensure that everyone has a voice.


  1. Continue our commitment to housing homeless refugees, working with the Home Office and the network of other councils. Work with Norwich partner organisations, including NASREF, to implement a quality advice service for refugees, and support wider initiatives helping refugees. We will continue to refuse co-operation with the Home Office’s prejudicial ‘hostile environment’ policy.


  1. Continue to engage young people in forums so they can have a say about services they care about, and on the future of their city, as showcased in our 2040 Vision Conference. Through our wider community engagement as a council, we will make sure our work with children and young people supports those in greatest need.


  1. Further develop our Healthy Norwich partnership with the Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group and Norfolk Public Health team as part of the UK Healthy Cities Network. This includes a range of projects, such as smoke-free play areas and side-lines, the Daily Mile and Sugarsmart campaigns, as well as funding a range of projects such as the 12th Man barbershop initiative, which provides barbers with mental health training.


  1. Labour will continue our financial inclusion strategy with the voluntary sector which has helped thousands of resident’s access bank accounts, get online, and receive budgeting advice. We will ensure that the council’s money advice team and the voluntary sector agencies that we support continue to provide high quality debt and money advice. The City Council’s non-commercial debt policy will better recognise and work pro-actively with vulnerable people.


  1. Continue to attempt to protect against the worst impacts of Tory government cuts on people with low or modest incomes and tackle all forms of rising inequality with the resources we have available.


  1. Campaign to ensure all citizens are aware of their entitlements to benefits and other services such as winter fuel payments and TV


  1. Continue to protect against the worst impacts of the Tory government localisation of council tax on those with low incomes in Norwich by being one of the few remaining authorities to preserve our 100% council tax reduction for our poorest residents.


  1. Maintain and develop our popular Switch and Save scheme, which gives better utility prices for Norwich residents and saves thousands of pounds and deliver the White Label Energy Company – ROAR Power – which is a cost neutral, not-for-profit company where all money from referrals goes back into helping those experiencing fuel poverty.


  1. Work alongside the local credit unions to expand their services and capacity to provide safe loans and saving in every community. We will also continue to highlight the dangers and pitfalls of using un-licensed loan providers, loan sharks and high interest charging companies.


  1. Continue to work closely with veterans and ex-service personnel associations to ensure that organisations in the city are doing all they can to support those people who put their lives on the line for our country.


  1. Support existing residents’ and community groups and empower residents to continue to create new groups to strengthen the community working in local areas.


  1. Ensure that the recent development of the customer centre in City Hall continues to enable a responsive service that meets the needs of all our residents.


  1. Continue to provide training for council staff and voluntary sector partners advising on welfare changes such as Universal Credit.


  1. Work with partners, as a Healthy City, to improve the physical and mental well-being of people living in Norwich.


  1. Continue to join up services and partners into our early intervention / early help approach to support families and individuals at risk, to help reduce the need for higher cost interventions and deeper social damage later.


  1. Continue to offer the Cosy City scheme to all eligible residents.


  1. Pioneer food justice work as a whole community and become a Right to Food City while we continue to work with partners to reduce food waste, reduce food poverty and increase food security. Champion the work of the Norwich Food Hub, and other food networks which do so much to reduce food poverty in our city and deliver upon our new Food Waste Strategy.
  2. Next year Labour will launch a Neighbourhood Food Hub, firstly in Lakenham, as a form of supermarket aimed at families affected by low income as an alternative to foodbanks.  If successful, we will aim to expand them across the other corners of the city.


  1. Continue to address the digital divide through our digital inclusion work to empower residents to have access to online services.


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